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"You can use this page to both read and listen to a Dhamma lecture at one and the same time, which will help you to improve your reading and listening skills simultaneously. Please wait until the file has time to fully-download before listening/looking.

This page is not for everybody; it has its own history:

When the author/speaker was giving some lectures at MahaChula Monk's University, in Bangkok, there was a promising Chinese Mainland Bhikhunni in the Seminar Class who politely asked if she could get copies of the lectures in DVD form because her English was weak; however, no such copies existed, [though she has an e-mail address] so it was decided to make recordings for her to help reinforce her studies in English.

Then, there was also a Korean monk who expressed a genuine interest in having more resources in English to practice on, to make him a stronger in English as a teacher when he went back home to his temple in Korea.

There are monks in India and Bangladesh and Burma, and even Sri Lanka, etc., who may also benefit from having dowloadable materials in English. Many Thai monks can obviously benefit from being able to speak about the Dhamma in English. Our webmaster Asantha also agreed, that there was a need for spoken English, so just we jumped in and did it.

Thus, the lectures below were written primarily for Asian monks and nuns, who are doing graduate studies alone in their kutis, concentrating on the Dhamma, using English as the primary language for university studies, [they are not recorded to be in the same league as Dhamma Talks by famous teachers] and Westerners who are accustomed to the movies and television [and three stunts a minute to keep their attention] may find the going a little boring if they are used to the pace of modern life as opposed to living alone and isolated in silence in the monastic life.

If some Westerners benefit as well, that will be good too."

"It is recommended that our visitor reads/hears this series of lectures in sequence, because there is a certain coherence built into the structure which starts with the emptiness of the elements and develops through the nourishment of the body and mind and through impermanence, suffering and non-self into the Four Noble Truths and so on, etc,"

"The written texts in this series of lectures are often written in outline-form [or in scanned metrical phrases or word-groups] to make it more easy for the reader to pick out the individual words than it would be if the whole text where presented in big block-paragraphs which are hard for the eyes to follow."

Regarding Speed of File downloads:

"It will take some time for the audio and visual files to download, completely, before they wii be ready for your use, but if you practice calm and patience, eventually, they will be ready for listening and looking. Meditate a bit or go and make yourself a cup of tea or do some quick-task in order to stretch your legs a bit."