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The purpose of this free, non-profit, educational website is to provide access to downloadable English language learning materials and e-texts, because most teachers and students in developing countries around the world  cannot afford to buy books printed and sold for profit by western-oriented publishers at competitive, market prices.

This problem became evident to David Holmes, former University of Maryland, Munich Campus, long-time lecturer and Department Head, who went to S. E. Asia in 1992, as an educational advisor, and was surprised to discover, for example, that students, in Bangkok, Thailand,  in well-known universities, had no textbooks  but, instead, were working from hand-out sheets, distributed in-class, mostly photocopied from copyrighted sources, usually inappropriate to the classroom context, and often very much out of date, in one case thirty years!

As not everybody in the world can afford to pay international prices for standard university textbooks, the first thing David Holmes did was start preparing English language texts to be printed in Thailand by Chulalongkorn University Press at affordable prices. These books have filled their intended purpose and are continuing to be re-printed and used country-wide. Some sample titles are: Easy English Games for Beginners; Speak Easy English; English Composition and Essay Writing; Explaining in English; Better Business English: An Introduction to the Art of Poetry; Sayings and Words of Wisdom; Speaking Activities for the Classroom; Buddhist Perception and Paradox. While these particular titles are protected by copyrights  and cannot (yet) be given away, for free distribution there are other titles which are available for download and can be used for free educational purposes. (See list below)

As Ajarn David's intention was wider education for people everywhere,(such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Burma, Loas, Cambodia and who knows where?) he also conceived a number of texts to be shared as downloadable materials to be utilized as teaching tools in specific topics in non-profitable areas which a medium-sized publishing company would consider either  too small for big profit (like books for teaching monks and nuns) or too big for small competition,(such as dictionaries or poetry collections) which would mean that they should best be provided and given away for free!

Students and teachers are advised to click and open any file that may interest them and simply browse through the pages, choosing any line on any page because none of these texts are necessarily designed to be read from beginning to end.

The website came into being in 2007 while David Holmes and Asantha Wijesiri were working together at the Buddhist Publication Office in Kandy, Sri Lanaka, where David was proof-reading Wheel Series books, intended for free download on the BPS website, and Asantha was working as webmaster. There developed a friendship of mutual respect and an agreement about the need for more free downloadable books on the internet for the many people who could benefit from <> Asantha is a young, noble-minded, Sri Lankan gentleman, who is devoted to education and wider distribution of Buddhist texts and materials,who is a man with a mission and a fine future ahead of him. For more on Asantha, see the 'Contact Us' page on which we ask for your helpful comments and suggestions.

Some e-texts available for download:

  1. Sayings and Words of Wisdom
  2. Idioms and Expressions
  3. Poetic Tools and Traditions
  4. Buddhist Essays / Books